Bernd Wechner

The Many Faces of Bernd

I'm now living in Hobart, Tasmania in a lovely house with my lovely partner Dani, daughter Gypsy Anna (2003) and son Leon (2013).

My résumé is available for those with a professional interest in what I do.

As you've noticed, this is a tiny brown paper bag site (and has been since it came into being in 1995), I long championed simplicity on the web and resisted a trend towards heavier graphics and up market coding with animation, frames and menus ... though it's rather meaningless in a world where everyone has broadband and high expectations today, but I keep this simple in honor and respect of that bygone era for now.

Contact Details: 

6 Montagu Street, Mount Stuart 7000, Australia
Ph. +61-3-62788012 (home), +61-3-62315588 (office)

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