Bernd Wechner

The Many Faces of Bernd

I'm now living in Hobart, Tasmania in a lovely house with my lovely partner Dani and children Gypsy, Leon and Felix.

My résumé is available for those with a interest in what I do professionally.

This is a brown paper bag site (and has been since it came into being in 1995), I have long championed simplicity on the web and resisted a trend towards heavier graphics and up market coding with animation, frames and menus ... let's see how long it lasts (it's increasingly meaningless in a world where everyone has broadband and high expectations after all).

There was a time when a home page like this was a useful means of sharing with friends and family information about one's whereabouts, current situation and latest news. That's been displaced well and truly by social media in the interim but some of the things shared in those days have lasting relevance so I've left them on-line here. They relate to Bokononism and Esperanto.


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