The Family Polacheck Wechner


Where to start? I've long meant to write a summary of the years recently passed to share with my broader circle of friends and family the events leading to a settled father in place of a footloose vagabond. Many would struggle to believe it. But time is always lacking and progress on that, like progress on a multitude of other projects has been very slow and often stalled.

So, to cut a long story short ...

I was thumbing around Australia when I got phone call out the blue from a girl I'd stayed with in Tasmania earlier in the trip. That girl was Makale'a and when on an impulse I asked if she felt like joining me for the final leg of my Australian trip (Queensland), she agreed.

So we hitched together to the very tip of Cape York (You are standing at the northernmost point on the Australian continent) and back.

Maka invited me back to Tasmania, I acepted and not long after a beautiful little girl was on the way ... she arrived on June 1st 2003. We called her our litte Gypsy Anna, or more formally Anna Lisa Gypsy Rose.

Here she is on the day she was born

and two days later with her ma and pa.


And three months later .... We could hardly be more blessed. The happiest, most trouble free little baby most anyone has ever met! She's a perpetual bundle of smiles ...








Our little angel

Time Flies

Two years later, little Gypsy Anna is a regular running babbling beautiful toddler.

On her second birthday (June 1 2005)

We're hoping for another some time soon, but of course these things never happen as easily when you want and plan them as when you're not paying attention ... one of Murphy's many laws.


and out canoeing one day


More to come if and when I get around to it ... (blogging doesn't seem much of a priority with a small family on hand ;-)

Last updated: September 28th 2005.