Bernd Wechner
A Professional Résumé

6 Montagu Street, Mount Stuart 7000, Australia


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Professional: Software Engineering, Project management, Training course design, preparation and delivery (staff training)
Personal: Learning (particularly in the engineering, science, mathematics and communication areas),
Communication (am very active in writing and on social media),
Creation (am actively working on projects spanning software and hardware and have a growing GitHub presence.
Programming Languages: Python, Javascript, C#, VBA, PHP, HTML, Perl, Visual Basic, C, C++, ADA, Pascal, FORTRAN, Intel Assembly and Machine Code
Common Software: Eclipse/PyDev, PostgreSQL, Visual Studio, Mediawiki, LibreOffice MS-Office
Operating Systems: MS-Windows (10/8/7/XP/NT/98/95), Unix (Linux Debian/Ubuntu/Mint, Sun-OS, Xenix, HP-UX), VAX/VMS, RSX
Computer Networks: Internet, Windows NT networks, PC-nfs, DECnet
Computer Platforms: Desktop PCs, Raspberry Pi's Arduinos, Sun workstations, MicroVax, HP9000
Wireless Standards: GSM
Spoken Languages: German (native), French (mediocre), Esperanto (fluent)


Period Role
Mar 2019- Quality Assurance Engineer, Echoview  Software Pty. Ltd.
Jan 2011-Mar 2019
Sales Manager, Echoview  Software Pty. Ltd.
Apr 2006-Jan 2011 Project Manager Myriax Software Pty. Ltd.
May 2003-Jan 2011 Manager, Quality assurance and documentation SonarData Pty. Ltd.
Jul 2002-May 2003 Manager, User support and training SonarData Pty. Ltd.
Jun 2002-Jul 2002 Test Engineer Dytech Solutions Pty. Ltd.
Dec 2000 - Dec 2001   Traveller Australia
May 2000-Jun 2002 Software Engineer Larrisun Pty. Ltd.
Jan 1998-Apr 2000  Customer Support Engineer Landis and Gyr Communications
May 1997-  Company Director Larrisun Pty. Ltd.
May 1997 - Jun 1997  Technical Consultant BHP Research
Dec 1995 - Jul 1996  Telecommunications Engineer Swiss Telecom PTT
Sep 1995-Feb 2003 Contributing Editor
Sep 1993 - Feb 1995  Traveller Asia and Europe
Apr 1992 - Sep 1993  Research Engineer/Liaison Officer BHP Sheet and Coil Products Division
Apr 1991 - Apr 1992  Traveller Europe
Nov 1986 - Apr 1991  Research Engineer BHP Sheet and Coil Products Division
Feb 1983 - Nov 1986  Mechanical Engineering Trainee BHP Coated Products Division


Quality Assurance Engineer, Echoview Pty. Ltd. 2019
Sales Manager, Echoview
, Echoview Pty. Ltd. 2011- 2018
Project Manager, Eonfusion, Myriax Pty. Ltd. 2006-2011
Manager, Support, quality assurance and documentation, SonarData Pty. Ltd. 2003-
Manager, User support and training, SonarData Pty. Ltd. 2002-2003

    Brought on board to manage user support and training requirements for the Echoview product. Developed, delivered and maintained a very successful three day training course on Echoview. Managed end-user support of a global client base. On the arrival of our first child moved internally to a role with fewer travel commitments, managing quality assurance and documentation needs for SonarData. Re-acquired customer support as a responsibility and grew the SQuAD (Support, Quality Assurance and Documentation) team from three people servicing one project to eight serving two projects. As the SQuAD team matured, requiring less supervision I took on project management of a new product, and a team of nine (five programmers, three test engineers and one documenter) in parallel to SQuAD management. Having brought Eonfusion to market, moved back into Echoview to replace retiring sales manager in managing sales of that product - responsible for securing $1.7million revenue in first year of tenure. In 2018 keen to move back into technical role, and participating in the restructure of our sales team negotiated a role as Quality Assurance Engineer and a drop to a 25 hour week (with the arrival of two young boys keen to spend more time raising them).

    In managerial roles I continued to provide significant coding (C#, VBA, Perl), documentation, testing and customer support contributions to my teams in the contexts of both leadership/mentoring and simple productive contribution where load demanded such. Back in a technical role my focus is on QA automation and innovative solutions to quality delivery.

Test Engineer, Dytech Solutions Pty. Ltd. 2002

    A two month contract with Dytech Solutions filling a necessary quality assurance role on two key products (LeX and Quest) in the company's history (both web based information services for the Australian government).

Software Engineer, Larrisun Pty. Ltd. 2000-2002

    Developed, on own initiative:
    • a generic on-line database system intended for the public domain
      (a non-profit motivated venture used by the Tasmanian Greens)
      with Perl, HTML, and Apache on Linux and Windows 98.
    • an enhanced web based email client
      (a personal contribution for use by my University Alumni )
      with PHP and Apache on Linux.

Customer Support Engineer, Landis and Gyr Communications 1998-2000

    Technical and administrative support of customers for telecommunications software systems, including:
    • product documentation (developing and maintaining user and installation guides),
    • product packaging and delivery (personalised for large corporate clients),
    • customer training (designed and delivered 2 to 4 day courses to 2 to 20 engineers at a time),
    • post-sales consultation and warranty management (telephonically and on-site)

    Two major products and a few minor products with around 30 active customers (national Telecoms in Europe, Asia, North Africa and Latin America). Delivered courses on site predominantly in English and German, occasionally in French, produced documentation in English.

Technical Consultant, BHP Research 1997.
Company Director, Larrisun Pty. Ltd. 1997-

    As the sole director of Larrisun Pty. Ltd, provided consulting services to BHP over two months, developing a strip flatness prediction model (used in the rolling of sheet steel), implementing a prototype and training production and research personnel with regards to rolling automation software and theories.

Telecommunications Engineer, Swiss Telecom 1995-1996.

    Developed a GSM tuning package for the display and navigation of measured radio signals and simulation of GSM handover decisions based upon them. Extensive work with GSM radio resource management and Visual Basic. This project was highly successful, and provided the basis for winning further contracts for the radio-tuning group at Swiss PTT Research (now Swisscom).

Contributing Editor, 1995-2003

    Contribute a monthly article to the travel section of this magazine-style web directory. Appointed by invitation.

Independent Traveller, 1991-2001

    Three roughly year-long trips and various shorter journeys through Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and New Zealand with a strong focus on peoples and cultures. A profound experience in personal development, notably communication skills, cultural awareness and languages.

Research Engineer, BHP Sheet and Coil Products Division 1986-1993.

    Research and development work in cold rolling technology, specifically applied to the five stand tandem cold mills at the Port Kembla and Western Port steelworks. Extensively involved in the commissioning of the Coupled Pickle Line-Cold Mill (CPCM) at the Port Kembla works, a unique project in its time.

    Responsibilities included:

    • mathematical modelling of cold rolling processes

    • development of predictive software
      (for off-line analysis of mill behaviour and product quality)

    • implementation and maintenance of automation software
      (for on-line prediction of mill set-up parameters and dynamic adaption of the supporting models)

    • construction of a mill database and associated software
      (for the collection, retrieval and analysis of data)

    • liaison with production personnel on behalf of the Research and Technology Centre

    • management of the Internet and Usenet interfaces.

    During the course of my work at BHP I developed one of the earliest event-driven languages in my experience, to facilitate the development of user interfaces on VAX machines. Similar and much more expansive systems have since appeared on the market, of which Microsoft's Visual Studio languages are a strong example.

Mechanical Engineering Trainee, BHP Coated Products Division 1983-1986.

    Three months work experience (a summer at a time) in the:
    • engineering drawing office - technical drawing work; 
    • spares and maintenance office - contributed to the compilation of a spares registery; 
    • research and technology centre - mathematical modelling work. 


Extensive publication of end user documentation including SonarData's Echoview help, Eonfusion Help and AQ1 documentation.

Many internal and confidential research reports were published as well as design documentation, user guides, course material and travel articles (on-line and in zines).

The following co-authored papers:

W.Y.D. Yuen, A. Duval and B. Wechner, A New Formulation for the Analysis of Strip Flatness in Strip Rolling, 7th International Conference on Steel Rolling, 1998

W.Y.D. Yuen and B. Wechner, A Physical Model for On-Line Roll Bending Set Up in Cold Rolling, 5th International Steel Rolling Conference, 1990 


Master of Engineering (Information Technologies and Telecommunications), Flinders University of South Australia 1995-96
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), Honours class II, University of Wollongong 1983-86
Higher School Certificate, Physics prize, Engadine High School 1981-82 
Junior School Certificate, German prize, Mount Isa State High School 1978-80

Selected training courses

Robotic Vision MOOC, Queensland University of Technology, 2015
No nonsense web intelligence, Online Impressions, 2010
People in Projects, The Training Consortium, 2008
High Performance Communication, High Performance, 2005
High Performance Sales, High Performance, 2005
Practical Project Estimation, SEA Education services, 2004
Project Management Advanced, SEA Education services, 2003
The Landmark Forum, Landmark Education, 2003 (corporate sponsored management program)
CMMI-SE/SW for Senior Managers, European Software Institute, 2003 (part of the SoftwareMark program)
Steel Group Management Course, BHP Steel (now Bluescope steel), 1992 (in-house program)
Priority Manager training, Priority Management, 1992 (personal time management skills)
Bronze Medallion, Surf Life Saving Australia 1992 (rescue and first-aid skills)
Classic Challenge Course, Outward Bound Australia 1991 (a world famous personal development course)

Personal Details

Date of Birth: November 12, 1965
Place of Birth: Kempten, Bavaria, Germany.
Nationality: Australian, Swiss
Marital Status: Married (de facto) with three child (2003, 2013, 2017)

Other Interests

I am a keen creator on-line, working extensively with Python, Javascript, Postgresql, Celery, run a home LAN with a good many servers (router, firewall, web, NAS, HTPC, Nextcloud and more, and a handful of registered domain names pointing to my basement IT sector).

I am also an environmentalist, a cyclist, a swimmer, an in-line skater, a gamer, and enjoy small team sports though lost all time to indulge in them since children arrived.

I held a long lasting passion for travel, social and cultural exchanges, international contacts, language, and philosophy all on the back burner while raising children.

I founded the Hobart Games Society (HoGS) in 2004, which we incorprated in 2009 and I presided over for 2 years before focusing on special interest subgroup of Competitive Gamers (CoGs). I have been treasurer for the Hobart Bike Kitchen since 2017.

Have participated in two Tasmanian Men's Gatherings (2006 and 2008) and particpated in and hosted a men's group from 2009 to 2013 (that is a weekly gathering of men in a safe confidential context encouraging all to speak openly about their lives and learn sharing and listening skills).


Provided on demand. All former employers available for comment.