2 (DU) agas act(s) alia other, another bona good bone well certa certain certe certainly cxu interrogative particle diable ! gosh! diablo devil direkto direction diskreta discreet dum during; while ej ! hey! oh! forta strong haltas stop(s) igxas become(s) ili they inter between, among io something iom a bit, somewhat, rather iom post iom little by little iomete a little ke that (as in: I know that..., he says that...) kvaza~u as though, as if lia his mano hand mistera mysterious mistere mysteriously mistero mystery montras show(s) natura natural nature naturally naturo nature ne plu not any more, no more ni we pala pale parolas speak(s), talk(s) petas ask(s) for plu further, more pordo door post after prava right (in opinion, conduct, etc.) prave right (adverb) pravas am, is or are right proksima near rapida quick revenas come(s) back se if staras stand(s) stranga strange strange strangely sxi she sxia her, hers taso cup tre very turnas turns ulo fellow, guy, individual vidas see(s) volas want(s) cxu : li venas, "he 's coming" > cxu li venas?, "is he coming? vi scias, "you know" > cxu vi scias?, "do you know?" -igx- become(s)..., get(s)... proksima, "near" > ili proksimigxas, "they're drawing nearer stara, "standing" > li starigxas, "he stands up" viro, "man", "male" > la knabo virigxas. "the boy is becoming a man" rapida, "quick" > rapidigxo, "acceleration" re- repetition, return sxi vidas, "she sees" > sxi revidas, "she sees again" ni venas, "we're coming" > ni revenas, "we're coming back" li fortigxas, "he becomes strong" > li refortigxas, "he recovers his strength" bela, "beautiful" > sxi rebeligxas, "she's becoming beautiful again", "she's recovering her beauty" > rebeligxo, "the fact of recovering one's beauty" -ulo a person juna, "young" > junulo, "a youth" forta, "strong" > fortulo, "a hefty guy" -n direct object of a verb li vidas vin, li vin vidas, vin li vidas, vidas li vin, vidas vin li, "he sees you" vi vidas lin, vi lin vidas, lin vi vidas, vidas vi lin, vidas lin vi, "you see him" Mi ne povas vidi, cxu estas io inter mi kaj vi. "I can't see whether there is something between you and me." Mi ne povas vidi, se estas io inter mi kaj vi. "If there is something between me and you, then I can't see."
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