Gerda Malaperis 

Based on a book for beginners written by Claude Piron, this is a course which assumes an understanding of the fundamentals of Esperanto. It contains only Esperanto, no English. Each chapter of the story introduces new ideas and language features, so that chapter 1 is very simple and chapter 25, the last chapter, is the most advanced. 

Each chapter has a series of questions to be answered, which can be corrected by a tutor. Edmund Grimley-Evans will assign you a tutor for the task if you request it. 

Alternatively, if you'd like to preview the course, or feel capable and keen enough to tackle it without a tutor, the lessons are all included here. 

Table of Contents:

For those who would like a complete copy of the course on paper, I have converted all of it to Adobe's portable document format (PDF) as well. It is rather large, 129 pages in total when printed. For which reason a couple of small font versions are available as well. The following are all available: