20 (DUDEK) amatoro amateur a~uskulti to listen bonvena welcome celo goal, purpose, aim cxiu every, each; everybody digna dignified; deserving diversa varied dubi to doubt emo inclination esplori to investigate esploro research kisi to kiss kondicxo condition malkovri to discover, to find out; to uncover necesa necessary nigra black onklo uncle onklino aunt prezenti to introduce; to present salti to jump savi to save seruro (a) lock ses six strecxi to stretch sub under teni to hold sin teni to have a ... attitude, to behave (in such and such a way) sinteno attitude, behavior traduki to translate trans across, on or to the other side of verda green viziti to visit -anto person who ...s (present tense) legi, "to read" > leganto, "reader" a~uskulti, "to listen" > a~uskultanto, "listener" -into person who ...d, who has .... (past tense) kapti, "to catch" > kaptinto, "kidnapper", "somebody who has made some one prisoner" savi, "to save" > savinto, "saver", "rescuer" (after the saving operation)
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