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The Memories of a Hitch-hiker 
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I receive the occasional letter from readers, which is encouraging, a good sign that it is being read at least in part and appreciated, in spite of its rather rough (not yet proof-read, full of typing errors and still evolving) status.  I've been so audacious as to quote those letters here without asking the individual writer's permission. I hope I've not offended anyone in so doing (by all means let me know if I have and I will remove your name or your feedback alltogether). I would love to hear from others of course, feel free to form at the bottom of this page.
Memories of a hitchhiker" is a great read. You should see if Lonely Planet are interested, some sort of guide book to hitching... 
-- Erik Petersen 

Very interesting hitch hiking adventure with the German girl and finish girl in the red merc. 
-- Anonymous 

I read your hitching "diaries" and was greatly entertained -- so many travel stories on the web are laden with boring detail. 
-- Jane Friedman 

I read some of your escapades ... Ah, what would we do without forlorn German girls! Or for that matter, German girls of all dispositions! 
-- John Gregory (the $25 a day guy!

Just been reading your hitching stuff on WWW. It really struck a chord with me, your experience and point of view is remarkably similar to mine! ... Since you've written an impressive diary about your recent experiences, interests, and it seems like I know you quite well ... 
-- Peter Marshall 

Congratulations! Your Web site [Memories of a Hitch-hiker] has been selected as our Dynamite Site of the Nite for February 15, 1998! 
-- Rob Thayer (Dynamite Site of the Nite

I have just read your hitching memories on the web and would like to thank you for putting them there as they have made me feel more at ease about my coming trip to New Zealand. 
-- Rebecca Lorrimer 

I just finished reading through some of your hitchhiking stories - thought you might enjoy this quote I found in a book about travel. I just finished hitching through Alaska, and found this quote to be quite true ... "Hitchhiking is a cumulative experience, a never-ending happening of unknown factors which contribute, with a little luck, to a memory of what real travelling is all about - not just the chance to say that you've been to a place, but the feeling that at one time, somewhere, even if only for an instant, you felt like you had become a part of the land through which you travelled." -Ken Welsh; 
-- Kenneth A. Clasby 

Ni vidis vian pagxon en TTT, kaj trovis ilin tre tre amusa. Sinisa ankoraux ridas. Ni havis malgrandan problemon, cxar ni legis ilin en la cxambro kie  aliaj homoj provis labori kaj ni ridis tre lauxte kaj ili volis to throw us out. Ne gravas. [We saw your WWW page, and found them very very amusing. Sinisa is still laughing. We had a small problem, because we read them in a room where other people were trying to work and we laughed very loudly and they wanted to throw us out. Never mind.
-- Stephy Schröder and Sinisa Slijepcevic 

i've really enjoyed reading your pages, i find hitch-hiking extremely interesting although i don't hitch-hike myself. I think i keep on reading those great stories ... 
-- Ilmari Aalto 

I really liked "Don't care where I'm going". Its been a long time since I've been on the road and that little feeling somewhere in the middle of my stomach needs it. Is there anything in the world as free as hitching? 
-- Danielle Bundy 

I really enjoyed reading (all!) your New Zealand hitching stories. I laughed with a longing to go back to New Zealand when I read the accounts of people going out of their way to help. ... thanks for taking the time to write it all down! 
-- David Kulp 
I am ... planning to go to Japan ... -- Your stories of hitchhikin there are great! Thanks for posting them. 
-- Anonymous

I just finished reading your online book "cover to cover". I found it very good and well written. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for writing it.
-- Brian Teel

You should be writing a book about your lifestyle and adventures!
-- Matthew Urmenyhazi

I'm reading your 'Anywhere But Here' stories and laughing my ass off (I was reading and picturing you carrying a St. Bernard up and down stairs) ... your hitchhiking memories continue to astound me. 'No time to hitch' was utterly endearing, and I was feeling wistful after reading it ... Your travel perspective is very refreshing, and it's bolstering to discover a hitchhiker with a sense of purpose that can help us all to see the wonderful connections of life. 
-- Morgan Strub

...obviously not written by a pro, but still interesting. It's worth it to read at least a few.
-- Louise Pohle-Bjolin

The following comments weren't necessarily aimed directly at this book, but I'll assume they were. Why not?  All is one after all ... 
I think your website is great! Keep up the good work. 
-- Tom Doan 

cool website dude! 
-- Joe Wearing

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* In late 1999 I renamed the whole collection from the rather simple "Memories of a Hitch-hiker" to its present title. Feedback predating the title change may well refer to "Memories of a Hitch-hiker". 

© Copyright 1996–2004, Bernd Wechner
The Memories of a Hitch-hiker 
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