Me Hitch-hiker, You Hitch-hikee: Turning the tables

Author: Bernd Wechner
Published on: September 1, 1997

The issue of world records is a tenacious one. It just won't seem to let me go. You might remember from an earlier article (More Records) that Stephan Schlei holds the current record for hitching endurance at 776,955 km. Well, it turns out that Alexej Vorov challenges it. I mean, Stephan has been doing battle with Bill Heid now for anything up to ten years, slowly working his way up to this grand total, and now Alexej waltzes up and tells us he's done 1,200,000 km!

Well, that's 1,200,000 km according to our mutual friend Vladas Sapranavicius, or 1,005,000 kms according to Daan Toner. Alexej himself is incommunicado! I'm assured that he has written the Guinness Book claiming his record, though, so we'll see what comes of that.

Vladas tells me he once covered 2750 km in 24 hours, dashing Robert Prins' record of 2300 km, wrote the guinness book, only to find they no longer list this record! (To find out why see More Records, and below).

Well, I've already expressed my cynicism regarding these records, and introduced a suggestion for A True Record, but not too long ago I had reason to to suggest a record to the Guinness people myself. In so doing, as far as I know, I've coined a new word ...

Here's an extract from the letter I wrote them, judge for yourself:

You too! Write Jim and express your support and amazement. Let him know I sent you; he's a real record maker among all the attention seekers.

Oh, and the Guinness people? They wrote back; they're busy compiling the new edition and will look into it ... Anyone care to take bets on who makes it into next year's Guinness Book? Alexej, Jim, both, neither?