Home Exchange Clubs

This list was compiled and was maintained by Bernd Wechner. It is one of a set of similar lists which can be found on the World Wide Web at:

PLEASE NOTE: These lists are dated. I ran out of time to maintain them years ago. I make no pretense of being able to do so into the future. They were a nice idea and popularly received and I leave it on line for historic reasons mainly. Do not expect it to be accurate or relevant today. You may still of course find some pertinent ideas and tips in them if you're lucky. DO NOT send me a request to exchange links.

Finally, I regularly receive questions regarding these lists, usually for more information. It is very unlikely that I have more information, and such requests unfortunately are a low priority in my mailbox. That's life.

Home Exchange International

Home Exchange International has hundreds of home exchange offers from over 30 countries. Every listing includes a direct email link so interested parties can contact you directly from your personal page. All the listings, with email links, are accessible and available to the Internet community of home exchangers. There are no locked out or members only pages.
P.O. Box 30085 
Santa Barbara, CA 93130 
E-mail: prince@west.net

Fair Tours Home Exchange

Fair Tours specialises in exchanges to non-English speaking European countries such as Austria, Germany and Switzerland. No directories, but customised personal matching. Basic administration fee plus introduction fee once an exchange has been arranged.


Postfach 615 
9001 St. Gallen 
E-mail: fairtours@gn.apc.org

Discovery Holiday Exchange

Discovery Holiday Exchange was formed in 1995 to provide a high quality Home/Holiday/Vacation exchange for mainly professional people worldwide. They publish a number of directories each year, detailing the homes of members who wish to holiday exchange.


PO Box 16, 
Tenterden, TN30 6ZT, 
Ph. +44 (0) 7050 374 729 
Fax. +44 (0) 1233 820 547 

The International Home Exchange Network

The International Home Exchange Network was the first service to set up shop on the World Wide Web. Visit the site and you can learn more about the home exchange concept, list your home for exchange or rental, explore and respond directly to listings via direct e-mail. There is no charge to read or respond to listings, and no difficult codes to decipher. And, for a modest yearly fee you can list your home at the site. For further information contact Linda Allen (linda@homexchange.com).


The Internet Home Exchange

The Internet Home Exchange is an international home exchange and vacation rental service agency that facilitates low cost travel accommodations for its members worldwide. Using computer technology to access the Internet and the World Wide Web, the Internet Home Exchange is propelling vacation home exchanges into the 21st century with an online, instantaneous information network.


385 Great Bay Woods 
Newmarket, NH 03857 
United States 
Ph. (603)659-2542 
Email: exchange@wln.com


"Our Home-Exchange listing is provided at no charge for those customers that have listed with Vacation-Inc.Com and it gives you the ability to exchange with other owners of properties at times of vacancy. Effectively providing a rent-free vacation. We think it makes good sense and encourage you to do so. Hey, it's free!"


220 West 19th Street, 2nd Floor 
New York, NY 10011 
Ph. 800-700-9549 
Fax. 212-253-4010 
Email: info@vacation-inc.com

World Wide Travel Exchange

World Wide Travel Exchange is a web based service that is committed to servicing their customers with the most up to date information on both the communities they want to visit and their lodging arrangements. They maintain a small home exchange registery to that effect:


HomeLink International

HomeLink International originated in USA & Britain over 30 years ago, and has mushroomed into a global consortium of 25+ independent companies who work in tight collaboration. We publish descriptions of people's homes in catalogues (five annually) for exchange, rent, B&B, youth exchange, motorhome exchange, and homesitting. For an annual membership fee in the range of $100 CAD, subscribers list their homes/cottages and contact each other to arrange transactions.


Global email: exchange@homelink.org 

34 Franklin Street, Maldon 3463
Tel (61)54752-829, Fax (61)54751-078, 100353.766@compuserve.com
1 Higham Ferrers Place, Red Beach, Hibiscus Coast
Tel (64)942-64084
PO Box 650, Key West FL 33041
Tel/Fax (800)638-3841, (305)294-1448, homelink@conch.net 
1707 Platt Crescent, North Vancouver BC V7J 1X9
Ph. (604) 987-3262, jgraber@direct.ca (Jack Graber)
Linfield House, Gorse Hill Road, Virginia Water, Surrey GU25 4AS
Tel/Fax. (44) 1344-842642, 100016.2724@compuserve.com
Kraneweg 86 A, 9718 JW Groningen
Tel 050-132424, Fax 050-133177, renger.deruiter@fbs.tool.nl
Taxistop, Onderbergen 51, 9000 Gent
Tel +32-9-223.23.10, Fax +32-9-224.31.44, dvk@taxistop.be 
Dansk BoligBytte, Bernstorffsvej 71a, Box 53, 2900 Helerup
Tel +45 3961 0405, Fax +45 3961 0525, bbdk@pip.dknet.dk
GERMANY  homelink@t-online.de
FRANCE  72450.1112@compuserve.com
SWEDEN  bbdk@pip.dknet.dk
IRELAND  101234.412@CompuServe.com


Branches into most industrialised countries and was apparently set up to facilitate cross cultural contact for teachers. Intervac has been operating since 1953 and offer some 10,000 home exchange possibilities in over 30 countries.


P.O. Box 590504 
San Francisco CA 94159 
Ph.: 415-435-3497 
Fax: 415-435-7440 
Email: IntervacUS@aol.com

606 Alexander Cres. NW 
Calgary, Alberta T2M 4T3 
Ph. (403) 284-3747 

3 Orchard Court, 
North Wraxall, Chippenham, 
Wiltshire SN14 7AD 
Ph. +44-1225-892208

Landfair Home Exchange Club

Formed in 1989 and was one of the founding members of the International Home Exchange Association (IHEA). IHEA is made up of 20 independently owned home exchange agencies around the world [ed- Sorry, no I have no more info on IHEA]. Landfair has a mandatory membership fee to dissuade casual members and ensure that all members have a genuine interest in a home exchange. They average 2000 listings per year.


54 Landfair Cres. 
Scarborough, Ontario M1J 3A7 
Ph. 416-431 4493 
Email: landfair@compuserve.com

The Invented City

Another home exchange service in the IHEA (see Landfair above). IHEA member organisations seem to exchange home listings among them, so they are likely to have the same listings and similar conditions. Correct me if I'm wrong.

41 Sutter Street - Suite 1090 
San Francisco, California 94104 
Ph. 415.252.1141 
Fax. 415.252.1171 
E-mail: invented@aol.com

Vacation Homes Unlimited

    Yet another home exchange service in the IHEA (see Landfair above). Vacation Homes Unlimited is a founding member no less and tell me that the IHEA is the third largest association of its kind in the world. More I still don't know about the IHEA.

Latitudes Home Exchange

Latitudes Home Exchange was established in 1993. They offer a choice between their personal matching service and their directory service. Members choosing the personalised service can feel secure that their details are never published or distributed. Those who prefer to browse through a catalogue of listings can receive three directories a year. They are large enough to offer a range of 2,000 homes in over 30 countries, but small enough that they still know their members by name.


Head Office: 
AUSTRALIA:  Contact: Jackie Hair  Post Office Box 436, South Perth, Western Australia, 6951 
Tel: (08) 9367 9412  Fax: (08) 9367 9576  Email: jackie@home-swap.com 

 Branch Offices: 
AUSTRALIA:  Contact: Pat Cutts     49 Timber Ridge Road, Yetholme, New South Wales, 2795 
Tel: (02) 6337 5197  Fax: (02) 6337 5197  Email: pat@home-swap.com 

AUSTRALIA:  Contact: Jenny Wood  Post Office Box 562, Caloundra, Queensland, 4551 
 Tel: (07) 5491 2076  Fax: (07) 5491 2076  Email: jenny@home-swap.com 

CANADA:  Contact: Caroline Northfield  13 Wellesley Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M4X 1V2 
  Tel: (416) 927 9800  Fax: (416) 927 9800  Email: caroline@home-swap.com 

ENGLAND:  Contact: Tim Secrett  16 Rowe Avenue, Peacehaven, East Sussex, BN10 7PF 
Tel: (01273) 581793  Fax: (01273) 581793  Email: tim@home-swap.com 

SOUTH ARICA:  Contact: John Elsom  P.O. Box 1278, Bronkhorstspruit, 1020 
  Tel: (011) 615-1055  Fax: (011) 615-1055  Cell phone: 083-454-1615   Email: john@home-swap.com 

USA:  Contact: Michael Northfield   4511 123rd Street Ct W, Cortez, Florida, 34215 
Tel: (941) 761 1709  Fax: (941) 761 1709  Email: michael@home-swap.com

Global Home Exchange

    An independently owned home exchange club that has been operating since 1996.  They have facilitated exchanges to the UK, USA, Spain, Australia and within NZ. 

    P O Box 364 
    Tel/Fax. 64-3-3279518 
    E-mail: ghe@chch.planet.org.NZ

HouseSwap USA\Europe

    HouseSwap is in its second year as a house swapping service. Swaps are arranged within the U.S. and into Europe. Listings into the service are FREE and no costs are incurred until a successful swap has been arranged.  A "Guide to House Swapping" is available to registered members. 


    68 Borkum Road 
    Spencer, MA 01562 
    Ph. 508-885-7225 
    E-mail: swap@ultranet.com

Haney's Home Exchange

Provides contacts between families from different countries who want to exchange home during the holidays. The fee is DKK 545,- to be paid only when agreement has been made between the home exchange families.

Tulipanlunden 2 
DK-4593 Eskebjerg 
Ph. +45 5929 1630 
Fx. +45 5929 1666 
E-mail: haney@nethotel.dk


Teacher Swap Home Exchange Service

An international home exchange program for teachers. They're affiliated with two European services, one in France and one in Germany so that a Teacher Swap subscriber gets his listings published in the U.S.,Canada and overseas for just a single $42 fee.

Box 454, 
Oakdale NY 11769-0454 
Ph. 516-244-2845 
Fx. 516-244-2845

Worldwide Home Exchange Club

Publishes a directory of home exchanges twice each year. The directory apparently is crudely printed and some of the photos are hard to see clearly. Many of the entries are of retired people. In 1995 it cost 27 Brittish pounds to join.

50 Hans Crescent, London SW1X 0NA, UK Ph.+44-171-823 9937 
806 Brantford Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20904, USA Ph. 301-680-895

Home Base Holidays

A small company specialising in exchanges with homeowners in North America and Canada. 3 Brochures a year.

7 Park Avenue 
London N13 5PG 
Ph. +44-181-8868572

Holiday Swaps

This new company has a membership of around 250 (in 1993) and specialises in exchanges between members in Australia and Great Britain. 2 Brochures a year.

14 Browning Road 
Maldon, Essex CM9 6BU 
Ph. +44-1621-857639

International Home Exchange Service

Alas I have no information on this group beyond their address. If anyone knows anything about them, and would like to share it, there's a space waiting for it right here.

The phone number is almost identical to that Intervac in the United States, so there is a fair chance that the two are or were the same thing. 

P.O. Box 3975, 
San Francisco, CA 94119, 
Ph. 415 535 3497

Experiment in International Living

If you're not interested in exchanging homes but would like to stay with another family abroad, this non-profit-making organisation has a list of available homes in 33 Countries around the world.

Otesaga, West Malvern Road 
Malvern, Worcestershire 
Ph. +44-1684-562577