Ride Sharing Groups

What follows is a list of ride sharing groups. A popular way way to get where you're going, cut down on expenses and meet someone interesting, is through one of these organised hitch-hiking groups. These are very common in parts of Europe. 

Since this list has started, the number of ride share groups to appear on the net has expanded dramatically. Many are regional services and can be found with key word searches along the lines of "Ride Share", "Car Pool", "Autostop", "Hitchhike". Furthermore an increasing number of telephone books are on-line which will uncover more services under similar keyword searches. The job of collating all that information and keeping it up to date is not very enticing. This list survives only as a token gesture of my wish to see such a centralised list (if only all the agencies could get their acts together and make one).

This list was compiled and was maintained by Bernd Wechner. It is one of a set of similar lists which can be found on the World Wide Web at:


PLEASE NOTE: These lists are dated. I ran out of time to maintain them years ago. I make no pretense of being able to do so into the future. They were a nice idea and popularly received and I leave it on line for historic reasons mainly. Do not expect it to be accurate or relevant today. You may still of course find some pertinent ideas and tips in them if you're lucky. DO NOT send me a request to exchange links.

Finally, I regularly receive questions regarding these lists, usually for more information. It is very unlikely that I have more information, and such requests unfortunately are a low priority in my mailbox. That's life.

Hitch-hikers Paradise

An on-line ride sharing group which is essentially free of charge. As an avid hitch-hiker myself I have to confess that this not hitch-hiking though regardless of the title. Hitch-hiking embodies a spontaneity that a ride-sharing organisation can never realise. All the same ride sharing is a wonderful mode of transport in itself that I've oft exploited.



For ride sharing all over the US.

c/o Ridex corp. 
100 Park Avenue, Suite 260 
Rockville MD 20850-2618 

Driveaway Service

Driveaway Service is a FREE service for drivers going to or from anyplace in the USA or Canada. There is a deposit required, but that is refundable after proper delivery. Drivers must be over 21 yrs. old. For more information on who to contact please contact:

Ph. 1-954-456-CARS 
Fax. 1-954-456-FAXX 


All over Germany there are literally hundreds of ride sharing groups that can be found in any phone book under the heading Mitfahrzentrale.