Travel Clubs (and travel related clubs)

What follows is a list of travel and travel related clubs and societies. These clubs are often a wonderful way of bringing like-minded travellers together and sharing some wisdom and enthusiasm, as well as providing some significant benefits and services to members. 

This list was compiled and was maintained by Bernd Wechner. It is one of a set of similar lists which can be found on the World Wide Web at:

PLEASE NOTE: These lists are dated. I ran out of time to maintain them years ago. I make no pretense of being able to do so into the future. They were a nice idea and popularly received and I leave it on line for historic reasons mainly. Do not expect it to be accurate or relevant today. You may still of course find some pertinent ideas and tips in them if you're lucky. DO NOT send me a request to exchange links.

Finally, I regularly receive questions regarding these lists, usually for more information. It is very unlikely that I have more information, and such requests unfortunately are a low priority in my mailbox. That's life.

International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers (IAMAT) 

Beyond a doubt the most important and underrated travel club on this planet. This organisation coordinates doctors and clinics in over 125 countries. They provide members with detailed medical information and a directory of english speaking medical centres worldwide. Membership is free but a donation is requested. 

417 Centre St, Lewiston, NY, NY 14092, USA 
188 Nicklin Road, Guelph, Ontario N1H 7L5, CANADA 
PO Box 5049, Christchurch 5, NEW ZEALAND 
Gotthardstrasse 17, CH 6300 Zug, SWITZERLAND 

Ambassador Exchange Travel and Hospitality Club

A unique club and registry-based service for travel and adventure enthusiasts offering a confidential Travel and Vacation Registry and complementary services for people wanting to partake in travel, vacation and hospitality exchanges. 

34 Southport Street 
Box 88585 
Toronto, Ontario, M6S 4Z8 
Ph. (416) 760-9617 

Taxi Stop

A Belgian Travel Club, which provides a pile of interesting services, car pooling, home exchanges, house sitting, travel companions and so on. I Can't find a postal address, they appear to be a purely net based service. 


South American Explorers' Club

The non-profit South American Explorers Club is widely recognized as the best overall source of travel information about South and/or Central America. With Clubhouses in Lima, Peru; Quito, Ecuador, and Ithaca, New York, the Club provides Members with reliable, up-to-date information on discount airfares, trip planning, travel conditions, and everything else you need to know for your trip or expedition. They also sell maps and guidebooks. 

The club's US headquarters can be contacted at: 

126 Indian Creek Road 
Ithaca, New York 14850 
Ph. (607) 277 0488 

The Globetrotter's Club

Produce a nice bi-monthly newsletter and distribute membership lists on request. Mostly British members, but a fair distribution world-wide as well.

London WCIN 3 XXX 

Singled Out

Singled Out was created by a single who was frustrated with traveling alone. This club opens the opportunity for singles to unite, pool their strength, get good low rates, meet new friends and travel companions, and may be even find some romance. Singled Out welcomes any single over the age 18. 

3600 S. College Rd., Suite E-380, 
Wilmington, N.C. 28412 
Ph. (910) 350-8249 

National Hobo Association

Yes, Hobo's have a club. It's not exactly legal anymore if indeed it ever was, but still happening. Not everyone's cup of tea, but if you like the idea of riding America's freight trains for nothing, this is a group that might interest you. They don't officially condone train hopping, who could in this day and age, but they are sympathetic to it. They publish a newsletter which comes with membership. 

PO Box 706 
Nisswa, Minnesota 56468 
Ph. 218-963-7557 

Aventure du Bout du Monde (Adventure at the Ends of the Earth)

A travel club based in France, with a French newsletter, although international membership is encouraged and welcome.

11 bis, rue Maison Dieu 
75014 Paris 
Ph. (1) 43 35 08 95 

WEXAS International

A very large, very efficient and rather expensive travel club based in London. They provide all sorts of services to members, including a free magazine, discount airfares, hotel bookings and much more. Write them for further details, they'll send you a pile of info. 

45-49 Brompton Road 
London SW3 1DE 
Ph. 071-589 3315 
Fax. 071-589 8418 

Foreningengen til Langtursejladsen Fremme

A Danish yachting organisation that can apparently help place crew on yachts worldwide.

Rosensgade 32 
8000 Arhus 
Fax: 86 18 3116 


An English introduction club for travellers. Given a description of your travel plans and/or goals they promise to find you a few people you might like to travel with. This is a service designed for those of us that can't find any friends with enough free time or interest to share our travels.

18 Cavendish Road 
Bournemouth BR1 1RF 
Tel/Fax: 0202 558314 

Odyssey Travel Club

Another English introduction club for travellers. Much like Travelmate. 

21 Cambridge Road 
Waterbeach, Cambridge CB5 9NJ 
Ph. +44 (0) 223 861079 

Disability Travel Services

DTS appears to provide a variety of services for disabled travellers. It is free to join and seems to be exclusively net based, although they do provide a postal address.
PO Box 1092 
Berkeley CA. 94701 
Ph. 510-420-0215 

Dive World Travel

Dive World Travel searches for, compiles, and maintains current updated information 
on all international scuba diving destinations. They  have produced a CD-ROM on LiveAboards (boats that take divers on dive-trips to destinations that cannot be reached from a shore-based operation, for durations longer than 2-days) around the world. 

P O Box 473, 
Euless TX 76039 
Ph. 817/ 355-1800 
fax: 817/ 355-9456