Travel Related Journals, Magazines and Publications

What follows is a list of journals, magazines and other publications that might be of some interest to the traveller, which can't be readily found at a newsagent. They can be a great source of information and contact with other travellers. 

This list was compiled and was maintained by Bernd Wechner. It is one of a set of similar lists which can be found on the World Wide Web at:

PLEASE NOTE: These lists are dated. I ran out of time to maintain them years ago. I make no pretense of being able to do so into the future. They were a nice idea and popularly received and I leave it on line for historic reasons mainly. Do not expect it to be accurate or relevant today. You may still of course find some pertinent ideas and tips in them if you're lucky. DO NOT send me a request to exchange links.

Finally, I regularly receive questions regarding these lists, usually for more information. It is very unlikely that I have more information, and such requests unfortunately are a low priority in my mailbox. That's life.

El Planeta Platica

El Planeta Platica (The Earth Speaks): Eco Travels in Latin America is a quarterly newsletter, bringing environmental information to travelers interested in Latin America. It was created in 1994 by Ron Mader, an environmental journalist. Each issue offers feature articles, eco travel opportunities, book reviews and even a taste of Latin America. Enjoy!

Discover New Zealand Magazine

Discover New Zealand Magazine is a magazine for the independent traveller in New Zealand which is published quarterly and is available in over ten countries including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, U.K., France, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Belgium, U.S.A. and Australia.

PO BOX 15-966, 
New Lynn, Auckland, 
Tel: 64 9 827 2680 
Fax: 64 9 827 2580

Overseas Jobs Express

An excellent magazine which appears twice monthly presenting international job ads specifically for foreigners. They also stock a very good library of international work related books which is worth looking at. 

Premier House, Shoreham Airport 
Sussex BN43 5FF 
Ph. +44 1273 440220 
Fax. +44 1273 440229 


An underground travel zine which is also available on-line. The on-line version which is plain text and way out of date, can be found at:


But the paper version which includes photos and illustrations and is up to date, can be obtained by subscription from: 

519 Castro Street #7 
San Francisco, CA 94114 USA

Big World

Big World is an independent bimonthly magazine aimed squarely at the free-thinking, active, worldly-aware explorer who travels close to the ground and in touch with the peoples and places she or he encounters. Who truly appreciates different cultures and shuns the lure of luxury travel. Who likes travel on-the-rough and at the edge... and doesn't want it any other way.

P.O. Box 21 
Coraopolis, PA 15108 


A very young and promising bimonthly newsletter from Australia, whose logo runs, "Learning, Working, Travelling" circling a globe. A subscription is only AUS$20 domestic or AUS$30 overseas annually.

P.O. Box 852 
Newcastle 2300 
Ph. (049) 29 4688 
Fax. (049) 29 4727

Job Search Overseas

A monthly paper which collects international job ads from other sources for the working traveller. Also runs articles about subscribers travels and classified ads to link up travellers.

P.O. Box 35, Falmouth 
Cornwall, TR11 3UB 
Ph. (0872) 870070 
Fax. (0872) 870071

Home and Away

International expatriate news monthly. If you're living and working outside of your home country or would like to, this magazine is very handy. Lots of international jobs advertised among other useful info.

Expats House, 29 Lacon Road, 
East Dulwich, London SE22 9HE 
Ph. (081) 299 4986/8 
Fax. (081) 299 2484

Travel Unlimited

A newsletter which is dedicated to the Courier Travel industry.

P.O. Box 1058 
Boston, MA 02134 

Overseas Employment Newsletter

A newsletter published by Overseas Employment Services, every two weeks, in which they "describe in detail at least 300 currently available jobs for a broad range of skills, careers and positions in many developing nations and industrialised countries around the world". The same group also publish a variety of useful books on the same topic.

Overseas Employment Services 
P.O. Box 460, 
Town of Mount Royal, 
Quebec H3P 3C7 
Ph. (514) 739 1108 
Fax. (514) 739 0795

The International Employment Hotline Magazine

"Whether your interest is permanent work, temporary work, seasonal, part time, casual or just a working holiday you can't afford NOT to subscribe to THE INTERNATIONAL EMPLOYMENT HOTLINE MAGAZINE".

van Speijkstraat 90 
1057 HE Amsterdam 

Scope Books Ltd

These guys publish a string of books on how to get rich quick, lay your hands on multiple passports, tour the world incognito, dodge tax and all that sort of thing, by some guy called Dr. Hill. The books cost an arm and a leg, and don't blame me if it's all a crock ... but here's their address, you might find them interesting. 

62 Murray Road 
Horndean Waterlooville 
Hants PO8 9JL 
Ph. (0705) 592255 
Fax. (0705) 591975 

Hobo Times

A newsletter published by the National Hobo Association. See the list of travel clubs for further information.

Vacation Rentals Magazine

A quarterly magazine dedicated exclusively to vacation rentals worldwide. Over 2000 rentals listed in each issue plus related articles.

9648 Olive, #217 
St. Louis, MO 63132 

Maiden Voyages

Maiden Voyages is a literary consumer magazine for women who travel or dream about travel. The magazine is published both on-line and in hard copy on a quarterly basis. Maiden Voyages celebrates the voice and the perspective of the female traveler and the diversity that encompasses. Their mission is to provide support, encouragement, entertainment and information by and from this perspective. 

109 Minna Street #240 
San Francisco, CA 94105 
Ph. (800) 528-8425 
Fax (510) 528-5163 

Who's Who in Scuba Diving

A very comprehensive book for scuba divers which contains a useful section on diving destinations and resorts around the world, with phone and fax information, addresses, names of operators and so on.

"Who's Who in Scuba Diving", Best Publishing Co. ISBN 0-941332-28-4

The Insiders Guide To Air Courier Bargains

This is a book I've not yet seen, but which was strongly recommended to me, and has a promising title if you're in the market for cheap air tickets. I'd quite like to see a copy myself. 
"The Insiders Guide To Air Courier Bargains" Kelly Monaghan 
ISBN: 0-9627892-3-2

Volunteer Vacations

A book dedicated to volunteer work. The full spec follows.

"Volunteer Vacations: Short-Term Adventures That Will Benefit You and Others" Bill McMillon, Chicago Review Press

International Directory of Voluntary Work

This is all I have on the directory: "International Directory of Voluntary Work" David Woodworth.