Volunteer Organisations

What follows is a list of organisations which are looking for international volunteers. This can be a very worthwhile, constructive and interesting way of exploring the world for many of us. It has the power to bring one much closer a particular culture than simple tourism. 

This list was compiled and was maintained by Bernd Wechner. It is one of a set of similar lists which can be found on the World Wide Web at:


PLEASE NOTE: These lists are dated. I ran out of time to maintain them years ago. I make no pretense of being able to do so into the future. They were a nice idea and popularly received and I leave it on line for historic reasons mainly. Do not expect it to be accurate or relevant today. You may still of course find some pertinent ideas and tips in them if you're lucky. DO NOT send me a request to exchange links.

Finally, I regularly receive questions regarding these lists, usually for more information. It is very unlikely that I have more information, and such requests unfortunately are a low priority in my mailbox. That's life.

The Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations

An association of European volunteer services, which provides a very comprehensive list of volunteer service organisations world-wide; indeed it is likely much better than the list you are now reading. Check it out!

There appears to be no central address for the Alliance itself, and the list of member organisations' addresses is too extensive to present here. It can be found at:

Institute for International Cooperation and Development

a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting global understanding and international solidarity. IICD sends volunteers to Africa and Latin America teaching street Children, planting trees, educating people in rural communities about health and nutrition and helping in constructing schools and clinics.


PO BOX 103-W, 
Williamstown, MA 01267, 
Ph. +1-413-458-9828 
Email: iicd1@berkshire.net 

British Trust for Conservation Volunteers

BTCV, the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers, is the largest organisation in the United Kingdom promoting practical conservation work by volunteers. More than 100,000 volunteers who work BTCV us every year.


80 York Way 
London N1 9AG 
Ph. 0171 278 4293 
Fax. 0171 278 5095 
E-mail: BTCV-London@dial.pipex.com

Australian Trust for Conservation Volunteers

ATCV is a non-profit, non-political community based organisation, which undertakes conservation projects which will be of benefit to the Australian environment. As Australia's largest practical conservation group, the Australian Trust for Conservation Volunteers aims to preserve the environment by involving the community in practical conservation projects. They arrange more than 1000 "hands on" conservation projects each year.


Box 423 
Ballarat, VIC, 3353 
Ph. +61 53 331 483 
Fax. +61 53 332 290 
E-mail: atcv@netconnect.com.au

Explorations in Travel

Explorations in Travel provides volunteer work placements for students and adults alike.


275 Jacksonville Stage Rd. 
Brattleboro, VT 05301 
Ph. 802-257-0152 
Fax. 802-257-2784 
E-mail: explore@sover.net

Global Service Corps

A San Francisco based non-profit organisation that provides short and long-term volunteer opportunities in developing countries. The work ranges from teaching English to developing bio-intensive gardening plots, depending on the location.


300 Broadway, Suite 38, 
San Francisco, CA 94133-3312 


Frontier is the project name for the conservation research expeditions undertaken by the UK-based Society for Environmental Exploration in collaboration with host country institutions. Expeditions operate throughout the year in 10-week phases. Aplicants must be interested in tackling research problems and commited to taking an active part in environmental protection. Enthusiasm and stamina are more important than skills and qualifications.


77 Leonard Street, 
London EC2A 4QS, 
Ph. 044-171 613 2422 
Fx. 044-171 613 2992 
E-mail: enquiries@frontier.mailbox.co.uk

Volunteers for Peace

VFP is an international volunteer workcamp organisation and has been organizing programs worldwide since 1981. The programs aim to promote citizen diplomacy by maximizing personal contact with the local people.

43 Tiffany Rd 
Belmont, VT 05730-0202 
Ph. (802) 259-2759 
Fax. (802) 259-2922 
E-mail: vfp@vermontel.com

International Volunteers for Peace (IVP)
Service Civile International (SCI)

An international network of organisations that organises work camps, typically from 2 to 4 weeks in duration. They have slightly differing names in different countries. Closely affiliated with Volunteers for Peace above. Some contact addresses follow, but there might be one in your country too. There is a comprehensive list at their web site:


European Secretariat 
Draakstraat 37, 2018 Antwerp, BELGIUM 
Ph. +32-3-2359473 Fax. +32-3-2352973 

Innisfree Village, Rt. 2, Box 506C, Crozet, VA 22932, USA 
Ph. +1-804-8231826 Fax. +1-804-8235027 

IVP Australia 
499 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills 2010, AUSTRALIA 
Ph. +61-2-6991129 Fax. +61-2-6999182

Council of International Educational Exchange

A nonprofit, nongovernmental, educational organisation founded in 1947 with the mission of developing educational exchanges and fostering international understanding. Today, with programs in 34 countries on six continents, they offer a wide range of international programs and services for students, faculty, and the general public.


205 East 42nd St, 
New York, NY 10017 
Ph. 212-661-1414 
Fax. 212-972-3231 
E-mail: info@ciee.org

Global Volunteers

Global Volunteers, a private non-profit U.S. corporation, was founded in 1984 with the goal of helping to establish a foundation for peace through mutual international understanding. Their programs center around a one-, two-, or three-week volunteer work experience in South-east Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, or the United States. At the request of local leaders and indigenous host organisations, Global Volunteers sends teams of volunteers to live and work with local people on human and economic development projects identified by the community as important to their long-term development. In this way, the volunteers' energy, creativity and labor are put to use at the same time that they gain a genuine, first-hand understanding of how other people live day-to-day.


Global Volunteers 
375 East Little Canada Road 
St Paul, MN 55117, 
Ph. (800)-487-1074, (612)-482-1074 

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO)

A very well organised group which places volunteers from all walks of life, on one of many two year projects in a developing nation. The aim of VSO projects, is to "help people help themselves".

317 Putney Bridge Road, 
London SW15 2PN, 
Ph. (081) 780 2266 
Fax. (081) 780 1326 

151 Slater Street, Suite 806, 
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5H3 
Ph. (613) 234-1364 
Fax. (613) 234-1444 
E-mail: vsocan@magi.com 

Raleigh International

"Raleigh International is an international youth development programme which was started in 1984. Each year "venturers" from all over the world undertake a variety of challenging and exciting expeditions consisting of scientific, conservation and community projects. Each expedition lasts approximately 10 weeks. Ages 17-25 only."


The Power House 
Alpha Place 
Flood Street 
London SW3 5SZ 
Ph. 071 351 7541 
Fax. 071 351 9372 

Or, their Australian contact ...
c/o Dave Hooper 
1/49 Walker St 
Doncaster 3108 

Cross-Cultural Solutions

A non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering the underprivileged, facilitating cross-cultural communications, and promoting international understanding through people-to-people contact. Their flagship program, Project India, allows volunteers to contribute to our service projects while experiencing India in extremely rewarding environments.

P.O. Box 625 
Ophir, CO 81426 
Ph.. (970) 728-5551 or  (800) 380-4777 
Fax. (970) 728-4577 
E-mail: CCSmailbox@aol.com

SPCA of Cozumel Island

The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals on Cozumel Island in Mexico offers scuba diving and accommodation incentives for veterinarians and other vet professionals. Volunteer opportunities for non-vet professionals also exist.


Ph. 011-82-987-24616 from USA 
Fx. 011-52-2-17-74 from USA 
E-mail: cozvac@cozumel.czm.com.mx


Amizade collaborates with existing community-based organisations to develop projects which will are both beneficial to the community and enjoyable to the volunteers. Most of these are building projects centering around the construction of schools, health posts, environmental centers, etc. Local members of the communities are encouraged to work with side by side with Amizade volunteers.


1334 Dartmouth Lane 
Deerfield, IL 60015, 
Ph. (847) 945-9402 
Fax. (847) 945-5676 
E-mail: Amizade@worldnet.att.net

Global Alliance

Participants in Global Alliance work in and with the third world. Through gaining knowledge and experience in selected programme countries in Africa and Latin America the goal is to contribute to better communication between people there and in the western world. 

Global Alliance organizes what is generally called third world exchange programs in several countries. These programs are intended to be a challenging and competence giving option for young people who want to experience the third world. 

Applicants from Scandinavia, USA and Canada may apply. 


P.O.Box 5188 
N 0302 Oslo 
Ph. +47 22 60 14 60 
Fax. +47 22 60 17 50 
E-mail: global.alliance@online.no 

Youth Action for Peace Italia

Short work camps of 2-4 weeks but also EVS European Volountary Service projects of  6-9-12 months. 
Via Marco Dino Rossi, 12/c 
00173 - Roma - Italy 
Ph.  +39-(0)6-7210120 
Fax. +39-(0)6-7220194 
E-Mail: yap@yap.it

International Volunteer Expeditions

IVEX is a California-based nonprofit corporation. They conduct short-term workcamps in California, Africa, Caribbean, and Latin America. Work projects in the areas of ecology, youth and shelter and require manual labor. No special skills are necessary, although they are welcomed. Emphasis on the interdependence of humans, culture, animals, and finite natural resources. All projects include time spent in beautiful, rural areas. Accommodations range from camping to homestays to self-contained house in the rain forest. All ages welcome. Costs range from $350 - $1,250, exclusive of airfare. Average length of workcamp is two weeks. 

Post Office Box189518, 
Sacramento, CA 95818-9518 
Ph. (916) 444-6856 
Fax. (916) 448-6830 
E-mail: oakland2@ix.netcom.com

Visions in Action

Visions in action is an international progressive non-profit organisation founded in 1988 out of the conviction that there is much that we can learn from and contribute to the developing world by working as a part of a community of volunteers committed to social justice in the urban setting. They offer one year volunteer opportunities in primarily urban areas of Africa and Latin America in a wide variety of fields. They also offer unpaid internships in the D.C. area. 

2710 Ontario Rd. 
Washington D.C. 20009 
Ph. 202-625-7402 
Fax. 202-625-2353 
E-mail: visions@igc.apc.org


A 20 year old non profit charity which allows volunteers to participate on peer reviewed scientific and conservation projects around the planet.

680 Mt. Auburn St, Watertown, MA 02172 USA Ph. (617)-926-8200 
453-457 Elizbeth St, Melbourne 3000, AUSTRALIA Ph. (03)-600-9100 
Belsyre Court 57 Woodstock Rd, Oxford OX2 6HU, UK Ph. (0865)-311-600
E-mail: inquiries@earthwatch.org

Flying Doctors of America

A volunteer organisation that flies medical/dental teams to developing countries throughout the world. You do not have to be a medically trained volunteer to work with them. They have three levels of missions. Short term - 6 days, Extended - two weeks and high adventure. 

Flying Doctors of America 
1951 Airport Road 
Atlanta GA 30341 
Ph. 770-451-3068 

Concordia Youth Service Volunteers

Organize work camps in (ex) Czecho-Slovakia, France, Germany, Portugal and Turkey. More info needed.

8 Brunswick Place, Hove, 
East Sussex BN3 1ET 
Ph. (0273) 772086 

Involvement Volunteers

Organizing work camps in USA, Thailand, Germany, Fiji, India, New Zealand and Australia. More info needed.

P.O. Box 218, Port Melbourne 3207, AUSTRALIA, Ph. 03 646 5504 
15515 Sunset Blvd #108, Pacific Palisades CA 90272, USA, Ph. 310 459 1022 
Postfach 1100 24, 3400 Gottingen, GERMANY, Ph. 551 393 765 

U-Landsforeningen Svalerne

Working to raise money for grassroot groups in India and Bangladesh. 3 weeks in June/July, long hours, but no fees.

Osterbrogade 49, 
2100 Copenhagen, 

International Building Companions

Helps build camps for the mentally and physically underprivileged. 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, 2-4 weeks in July/August.

Hornesgasse 4, 1031 Wien, AUSTRIA 
Rue Notre Dame de Graces 63, 5400 Marche-en-Femmenne, BELGIUM 
Tienesteenweg 145, 3200 Kessel-Lo, BELGIUM 
Rue des Immubles Industriels 5, 75011 Paris, FRANCE 
Via Mazza 48, 1-20 071 Casalpusterlengo (MI), ITALY 
St Annastraat 172, 6524 GT Nijmegen, THE NETHERLANDS 

World Council of Churches

Recruit youth (18-22) for workcamps in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Youth Sub-Unit 
P.O. Box 2100, 
150 Route de Ferney, Geneva 

Habitat for Humanity

Has a global village workcamp program where volunteers, in teams of 10-30 word for 1-3 weeks.

Habitat and Church Streets, 
Americus, GA 31709, 

Mobility International

Organises international exchange programs for 3-4 weeks where people with and without disabilities work together on community projects.

P.O. Box 3551, 
Eugene, OR 97403, 

Operation Crossroads Africa

Sends teams of 10-15 to work in Africa or the Caribbean for 6-8 weeks.

475 Riverside Drive, 
New York, NY 10115, 

Traveller's Earth Repair Network

This group links people interested in reforestation, preservation and permaculture. Maintains a list of jobs all over the world.

P.O. Box 1064, 
Tonasket, WA 98855, 

Australian Volunteers Abroad

A program of the Overseas Service Bureau, which looks very similar to that offered by VSO in Britain. 
70 Church St, Camperdown 2050 Ph. (02) 550 3955 
PO Box 350, Fitzroy 3065 Ph. (03) 279 1788 
GPO Box 570, Brisbane 4001 Ph. (07) 891 1168 
PO Box 164, Goodwood 5034 Ph. (08) 272 6999 
1st Floor, 99 Hay St, Sabiaco 6008 Ph. (09) 382 3503 

Amigos de las Americas

A national organisation that sends volunteers to Latin America over the summer to work on community health projects. 

5618 Star Lane 
Houston, TX 77057 
Ph. (800) 231-7796 

Center for Interim Programs

I don't know much about this one, just a spurious refeence passed to me that suggests they arrange national and internastional internships. I wouldn't have thought this was volunteer work, but have in the mean time come to realise that many interns do in fact work for nothing, out of the goodness of their hearts and desirous of collecting experiences and (possibly) helping out. This group apparently charges a prretty hefty fee. 
P.O. Box 2347 
Cambridge, MA 02238 

Various Books ...

There are various books available on the subject of volunter work, most of which will be more comprehensive than this list by virtue of the time the author's have to invest in their books which I don't have to invest in this list. I try to keep a list a such books though and welcome any further contributions to that list. Check out the list of Journals, Magazines and Publications for more information.