Esperanto Resources

Some time in 1995 I wrote a small article on how I learned Esperanto, thinking it might help others who were interested in doing so, get a better idea of how to go about it it's really being much easier than most of us at first imagine. That page proved reasonably popular among Esperantists and would-be Esperantists. 

Much later in 1997/98 I moved some of my hitch-hiking interests over to the world of Esperanto, sat an interview for a youth magazine, wrote an article for another youth magazine and promised a series to follow... One thing led to another and I ended up putting those on-line as well. In short I started to collect a few Esperanto resources and they are listed here. 

I should note that Esperanto is much more popular than most people believe it to be, and the number of web sites and electronic resources dedicated to it far outstrip my ability (or desire) to keep up with. This is but one small, modest offering. The enthusiast is recommended to visit any seach engine on the World Wide Web which will return many many pages of Esperanto material on-line, much more comprehensive and better than this page. 

Pages in English are marked with the English flag [EnglishFlag] and pages in Esperanto with the Esperanto flag [EsperantoFlag], pages in both languages are marked with both. 

The resources:

 [EnglishFlag]  How I Learned Esperanto My short story on learning the international language. 
[EsperantoFlag] [EnglishFlag]  The Free Esperanto Course 10 easy lessons in Esperanto for the beginner. 
[EsperantoFlag] [EnglishFlag]  Gerda Malaperis A second course in the form of a small mystery novel with 25 chapters, each chapter introducing new grammatic structures and vocabulary. 
[EsperantoFlag] [EnglishFlag]  A Summary of Esperanto Grammar A sheet I compiled while doing the courses above, to save me flicking back and forth between lessons trying to find things. First posted on the net in 1993. 
[EsperantoFlag] [EnglishFlag]  Valsigante Matildan An article in which I'm interviewed by the youth magazine Kontakto (12/1997) about my passion for hitch-hiking. 
[EsperantoFlag] [EnglishFlag]  La Dikfingro 1  An article I wrote for the youth magazine La Alpa Kanguruo (2/1998) to slowly introduce some of the ideas that underly that passion. 
[EsperantoFlag] [EnglishFlag]  La Dikfingro 2  The second article in that series. 
 [EnglishFlag]  Psychological Reactions to Esperanto  A brilliant paper by Claude Piron, an emminent psychologist and Esperantist, which should help some readers better understand their own biases and reactions to Esperanto, and helps to explain the position it is in (or isn't in) today as a world language.
 [EsperantoFlag]  PETA Petas My call for a society of hitch-hiking esperantists!