Free Esperanto Course 

This is a simple 10 lesson correspondence course, designed to introduce people to the fundamentals of the language. The course is moderated, in that a tutor can be assigned to you and will run you through it lesson by lesson. It could conceivably be completed in about two weeks and promises to leave you with a thorough enough understanding of the fundamentals so that you could read any esperanto text with enough time and a dictionary. 

For an English speaking tutor get in touch with Marko Rauhamaa, for a French speaking tutor Ken Caviness, and for a German speaking tutor Steffen Pietsch. Alternatively, if you'd like to preview the course, or feel capable of studying it without a tutor, the English language lessons are all included here. Table of Contents: 

For those who would like a complete copy of the course on paper, I have converted all of it to Adobe's portable document format (PDF) as well. It is rather large, 70 pages in total when printed. For which reason a couple of small font versions are available as well:  When I took this course I found the consistent flipping back and forth, referring to earlier courses somewhat annoying. So I compiled a summary of the rules which I could print in a small font on only two pages. Now I didn't have the Affixes and Correlatives lists provided above, but some may still prefer to use this neat two page summary I've generated. So I've generated a PDF version of that summary which fits neatly on two (A4) pages.